How important are relationships to leadership?

3 August 2012 | Building Relationships

Good relationships definitely enhance the culture of a school.

Being in an environment where there is respect and trust make the workplace a positive place to be and the climate of a school impacts on what is going on in the classroom and ultimately on student outcomes. So of course relationships are important in leadership. But they don’t just happen.

In order to have a strong foundation for establishing and maintaining relationships, a leader needs to know who they are and what they stand for. Knowing oneself and one’s values is a lifelong journey. It is about continuous learning and reflection. It requires a commitment to reading, reflecting and engaging in professional learning and dialogue. It enables a leader to hold oneself accountable and to do the same for others. It provides confidence in our dealings with others.

Relationships are imperative to leadership.

It is through knowing who we are and what we stand for that we can develop solid relationships which can inspire, motivate and influence others.

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