Having a vision is really important

9 May 2012 | General Interest

It has to be a collective vision; one person cannot change a school by themselves. The leader has the wide angle lens that keeps the whole vision in view for the whole school.

You want every activity that occurs in the school to revolve around what is best for the students. If it is not good for the students, then there is no reason that it should continue or even begin to happen.

In Catholic schools this is not only concerned with life within the classrooms but also outside and across the whole school. You want students to experience meaningful personal growth every day, spiritually as well as academically; one where Christ is the foundation.

Purpose, according to Dictionary.com, is “the reason for which something exists or is done, made, used, etc.” How often do we wonder what we are supposed to accomplish as leaders? It’s important that leaders understand their responsibility for clearly identifying the purpose of their role and the school. Without clarity of purpose, schools generally cannot create the sustainable advantage necessary to endure.

How often do each of us stop and ponder why we do what we do?

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