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ACER LSF Literature Review

This paper discusses the view of developing a framework of standards for leaders in Victorian Catholic Schools.

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Developing Standards of Practice for Leaders in Victorian Catholic Schools

In 2003-4, the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria and the Australian Council for Educational Research undertook a project to develop standards for school leadership. A specific aim of the project was to provide a "bridge" to leadership that would encourage teachers to undertake leadership tasks and to consider moving into formal positions of leadership.

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Leadership in Catholic Schools: Development Framework and Standards of Practice

The Framework emphasises the connections between the work of leaders and the core functions of schooling. It draws these connections in the context of the values and beliefs of the Catholic Church and the mission of Catholic schools in their communities.

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Learning Matters - Leadership Learning in Action

The increasing complexity of leadership demands the development of planned and systematic professional learning. Among the many strategies being initiated by the Catholic education sector, the development of Leadership in Catholic Schools: Development framework and standards of practice (the Framework) has been significant.

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Michael Fullan: personal website

Michael Fullan is an international leader on educational change. He has developed a number of partnerships designed to bring about major school improvements and is engaged in training, consulting, and evaluation of change projects around the world.

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Richard Elmore: Harvard Graduate School of Education academic profile

Richard Elmore joined the faculty of the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 1990. His current research and clinical work focuses on building capacity for instructional improvement in low-performing schools.

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Talent Management in Education (2011)

Davies, B & B (2011) Talent Management in Education pp.45-47,80, SAGE, London

The impact of leadership on student outcomes: Making sense of the evidence (2007)

Robinson, V. (2007) The impact of leadership on student outcomes: Making sense of the evidence, ACER Research Conference 2007 - The Leadership Challenge - Improving learning in schools