Quality Teaching

Of all the factors in a school that contribute to student learning, the quality of teaching is the single most important. Therefore, a critical aspect of school leadership is to promote and sustain high quality teaching within the context of a focus on outcomes and high expectations.


The components of high quality teaching are many; from the knowledge teachers have of their subjects and their students and how they plan for lessons, to the sorts of environment they create in their classrooms, and the extent of student engagement achieved. Effective teachers possess a rich repertoire of teaching strategies and are keen to innovate.

Leadership actions

School leaders are expert teachers. They actively and collaboratively assist colleagues to improve teaching practice. For example, they:

  • Use team-building strategies to promote collaborative improvement in teaching and learning among colleagues
  • Encourage and support staff to reflect on their teaching
  • Initiate and facilitate opportunities for teachers to collaboratively analyse student work as evidence of their levels of understanding, and for indicating areas for improvement in teaching
  • Stimulate and support colleagues to seek and critically evaluate new ideas and practices in teaching and learning and incorporate them into new and existing programs
  • Model teaching strategies, advise colleagues, and provide useful feedback.

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