Communication with Families

The Catholic Church places high value on family life and traditions. It recognises that parents are the first educators of their children and encourages them to continue their educative role.


In a secular and pluralistic society, the Catholic school has a special role to play in ensuring that its specific Christian educational values are understood, acknowledged, and appreciated by families.

Parents and family members are welcome in a Catholic school. They are encouraged to share, reinforce and embrace the Catholic ethos, and to witness and celebrate their faith within the school community.

Leadership actions

School leaders ensure frequent and effective communication with families. For example they:

  • Collaborate with colleagues to enhance the quality of their regular communication with families
  • Organise social and other events that encourage families and school staff to gather in celebration of their shared role of bringing up the children
  • Initiate and organise parenting programs that foster relationships and help parents to improve their parenting skills
  • Facilitate information sessions for parents and families
  • Ensure and enhance the welcoming atmosphere in the school.