Staff Appraisal and Performance Review

All Catholic schools in Victoria now use formal and informal processes and strategies to appraise and review teacher performance. There are two main purposes for these efforts; first to support the learning of teachers and students and second, to ensure that the work of teachers meets school and system accountability requirements.


The challenge for school leaders in this area is to ensure that the procedures used maximise teachers' professional learning and provide opportunities for them to reflect on their practice.

Leadership actions

School leaders actively and collaboratively promote, support and participate in staff appraisal and performance review programs that aim to ensure accountability, build a strong performance and development culture, and improve teaching quality. For example, they:

  • Encourage and help colleagues to engage in professional conversations and reflection on practice as part of appraisal / performance review processes
  • Ensure that roles and responsibilities in these processes are clearly defined and understood by all stakeholders
  • Ensure that colleagues have opportunities to ask questions and clarify ambiguities
  • Provide colleagues with thoughtful and effective feedback about their performance, in accordance with school policies and programs.

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