Professional Learning and Development

Staff professional development ensures that schools are self-renewing organisations. It is through advancing practice, based on research findings, that teaching avoids becoming stale and frozen in time.


The professional learning of individual teachers operates within, and contributes to, the school's vision for effective teaching and learning. Individual professional development plans should always be developed in this context, and supported by whole school activities.

Professional learning and development is much more than something teachers 'attend'. Some of the best professional learning occurs at the school, as teachers' plan together, discuss students' work and share classroom experiences.

Professional development is not only for teachers. Non-teaching staff, including senior administrators, also need access to programs and activities that will enable them to best perform their duties to support students' learning.

Leadership actions

School leaders are learners who encourage, acknowledge and support the professional learning and work of their colleagues and celebrate achievements. For example, they:

  • Build professional learning communities and a culture of professional inquiry
  • Organise opportunities for teachers to share approaches and strategies to enhance student learning
  • Organise professional development that meets the needs of staff and the needs of the school
  • Create a climate for offering and accepting critical feedback among colleagues
  • Organise mentor programs for teachers new to the school and to the profession
  • Acknowledge and celebrate the work and learning achievements of colleagues.

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