A Safe and Effective Environment

Innovation and improvement occur best in an environment of trust and safety. In other words, fear shuts people down. A safe and effective learning environment is physically comfortable, socially and emotionally supportive, well resourced and orderly.


In a safe and effective learning environment staff and students alike have high self-esteem; all are confident that their ideas will be received with respect, and that 'errors' will be regarded as opportunities for learning. Schools with safe and effective school environments have agreed procedures to deal with unacceptable behaviour.

Leadership actions

School leaders actively and collaboratively cultivate and promote a safe and effective environment for teaching and learning. For example, they:

  • Ensure that teachers and students work, free from harassment and interference, in a safe, comfortable, well-resourced environment
  • Promote and model values of fairness, respect and tolerance of individual and cultural differences
  • Ensure a climate that encourages risk-taking by both students and staff, in seeking to improve the quality of student learning
  • Celebrate Student And Teacher Achievement.

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