A Focus on Student Learning Outcomes

A focus on outcomes refers first of all to clarity on the part of educators as to what is important in student learning.


What are the learning goals or outcomes? And, following that, what would count as evidence of such learning? Secondly, a focus on outcomes refers to the manner in which educators collect, analyse, and report data in order to maximise student learning. They ask questions of the data, they recognise patterns in student results, and they use this information to improve the quality of learning.

Central to this component is an understanding of the importance of data, and the encouragement of a culture in the school that seeks evidence for action. Also critical is the role of collaboration in interpreting information, and in planning future steps.

Leadership actions

School leaders advocate and ensure a focus on student learning outcomes. For example, they:

  • Encourage and support colleagues to build their analytical skills, in order to make effective, collaborative use of student achievement data and confirm teaching practices
  • Ensure that information about student learning is recent, relevant and valid, and shared among appropriate educators
  • Ensure that there are appropriate processes to collect and store student achievement data, and follow students' progress over time
  • Promote effective reporting practices that meet the needs of parents and other stakeholders
  • Ensure that the school community regularly reviews reporting procedures.

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