Policy and Program Development

The school's overall vision for learning is clearly spelt out and implemented in policies and programs that reflect shared beliefs and values.


School policy and program statements establish directions for the future, provide the basis for action and reflect what the school community currently believes, values and does in the respective policy areas. They are continually monitored to foster a climate of continuing improvement.

Leadership actions

School leaders plan strategically and collaboratively to develop policies and programs that support the school's vision for teaching and learning. For example, they:

  • Identify areas for improvement and involve others in monitoring and improving those areas
  • Build the capacity of others to seek, critically assess and incorporate new ideas into existing policies and programs
  • Ensure that programs reflect the school's vision and culture for learning
  • Initiate processes and strategies for teachers and other school community members to share ideas about programs and develop whole school approaches that promote the school's vision for learning.

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