A Vision for Teaching and Learning

A school's vision for learning is developed collaboratively and is understood and shared by all stakeholders. It is challenging, goal oriented, realistic, and strongly focused on the school's core purposes of educating students.


All decisions made about aspects of the school's work, including the professional learning of teachers, whole school policies for curriculum and assessment, and staff and student welfare, are made in accordance with the school's vision for learning.

The school's vision for learning is clearly articulated and accessible to all. It is continually being monitored and developed to foster a climate of imaginative, yet realistic improvement.

Leadership actions

School leaders actively and collaboratively develop and communicate a shared whole school vision that is centred on the guidance and improvement of teaching and learning. For example they:

  • Model the core beliefs of the school's vision for learning
  • Raise colleagues' awareness of the need to develop the common understandings, goals and purposes that make up the school's vision for learning
  • Mobilise colleagues to share and contribute to the school's vision for learning
  • Contribute to the celebration and sharing of symbols, ceremonies, stories and activities that give meaning to the school's vision.

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