A Vision for the Whole School

The Catholic school is a place of integral education of the human person through a clear educational project of which Christ is the foundation.


Promoting successful student learning in Catholic schools is not only concerned with the life within individual classrooms; it is also the focus of those aspects of a school's life that extend across the whole school, or large groups (e.g. Middle Years), such as curriculum, assessment and aspects of student and staff welfare.

In planning and organising at these broader levels, a sense of totality is vital; schools are more than the sum of their parts, they are more than classrooms united by a corridor. Rather, they are complex systems in which different individuals work together to collectively improve learning opportunities for all students.

In this light, the school's role is one of both vision and detailed practice, to see both the whole, and each of the individual parts. School policies, programs and practices are developed and implemented to articulate and unify the various elements of a whole school vision.

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