Action and Social Justice

The Catholic Church has strong concern for social justice. It engages in dialogue with civic authorities to promote its beliefs and values in accordance with the mission of Christ.


Through its various agencies, the Church plays an active role in seeking to establish and maintain a fair and just society that cares for all and protects its most vulnerable members.

Catholic schools assist the Church to actively promote a compassionate and just society. They build students' awareness of welfare and social justice issues in the community, and encourage them to action.

Leadership actions

School leaders actively and collaboratively uphold a commitment to social justice and action in the school and wider community. For example, they:

  • Raise the school community's awareness of social justice issues and needs
  • Promote scriptural understandings of social justice and action
  • Model, and encourage school community members to participate in, appropriate social action
  • Evaluate school policies, programs and structures in terms of their implications for social justice
  • Build understanding and appreciation, in the school community, of Australia's multi-cultural identity, the process of Aboriginal reconciliation and the role of the Church role in ecumenical activities
  • Encourage school community members to acknowledge the marginalised groups in our society, and work towards empathetically meeting the needs of these groups.

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