Celebration of Life and Faith

Prayer, reflection, and sacramental and liturgical celebrations are an integral part of the life of a Catholic school. They bring together the journey of life and faith in word, symbol and action.


These celebrations promote the development of shared understanding of Gospel values and Catholic traditions, and enhance the opportunities for staff and students to develop a personal relationship with God.

Leadership actions

School leaders actively and collaboratively promote, maintain and enhance reflection, prayer and liturgical celebration in their schools. For example, they:

  • Ensure that the celebrations of life and faith are established as a regular component of school life
  • Encourage others to identify and share the connections between culture and faith
  • Support the sacramental policy and programs within the school
  • Build capacity for prayer and reflection in themselves and others
  • Explore and implement various approaches to prayer and ways of celebrating through liturgy and sacraments
  • Are open to personal growth and the spiritual dimension
  • Make active search for justice aimed at relieving the suffering of others
  • Encourage others to develop and engage in prayer and liturgical and sacramental celebrations
  • Involve parents and other individuals and groups in the community to contribute to the prayer, liturgical and sacramental life of the school.

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