The Catholic Identity of the School

Catholic schools share a specific, recognisable, Catholic identity that reflects the life, work and teachings of Jesus Christ and the evangelising mission of the Catholic Church.


The daily interactions among all members of the school community reflect belief in and commitment to the Catholic identity of the school.

In the daily life of the school, the community is called to live by the central values of faith, hope and love, and is especially aware of those in need.

Leadership actions

School leaders actively and collaboratively promote, maintain and enhance the Catholic identity of the school. For example, they:

  • Develop informed understanding of Church teaching and Catholic traditions, and communicate this understanding to others in the school community
  • Hold and clearly articulate a Catholic faith point of view
  • Promote knowledge of the rich traditions of the Catholic Church
  • Initiate, develop and implement strategies to promote the Catholic identity of the school in the broader community
  • Initiate and support programs that teach and reinforce Christian values.


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