The Faith Community

The Catholic school is both a sign and an instrument of the evangelising mission of the Catholic Church. Catholic schools provide an integral education of the human person.


Catholic schools enhance the human dignity of their students because the education they provide is based on a profound understanding of the Christian conception of human life. Catholic schools call upon young people to form values based upon a specifically Christian view of the world, which has Christ as its foundation. Through the critical dialogue with culture, Catholic schools provide an education in life and faith to all in the school community.

It is within the total experience of school life that students and staff engage in a search for meaning. In a classroom that is based upon sound educational principles, and directed towards the growth of the whole person, the general curriculum is a vehicle for the exploration of values, life, culture and faith within a Catholic framework.

In specific ways, the Religious Education curriculum assists and promotes education in life and faith. Through this Religious Education curriculum, students deepen their understanding of the person of Jesus as conveyed in the Scriptures, explore the rich traditions of the Church, and are invited to participate in the prayer and liturgical life of the community.

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