Power to the People

Activities and a reflection on leading a change initiative at your school. Aim is to demonstrate the importance of deliberately and intentionally preparing and planning for the ‘people’ component of managing change.



“All effective leaders combine resolute moral purpose with impressive empathy.” (Fullan, 2010)

In 2009, teachers Ainslie Leigh and Nancy Surace, set out on an Australian Government Quality Teacher Programme (AGQTP) Action Research project to transform teaching and learning within the Mathematics domain at Mackillop Catholic Regional College, Werribee.

Their aim was to encourage and support other teachers to adopt teaching strategies which fostered skills and knowledge required of a 21st century mathematics learner.

What began as a campaign to change the content of classroom practice turned into an intentionally structured strategy that provided the conditions for each individual teacher to build their professional capacity. 



Fullan, M. (2010) Motion Leadership: The Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy, Motion Leadership: The Skinny on Becoming Change Savvy Workshop, Workshop Presentation for the Catholic Education Office Melbourne, 26 October 2010, Mercure Melbourne Spring Street, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A number of quotes for this Exemplar have been taken from the school’s project wiki:
Mackillop Catholic Regional College, Werribee, 2009, Leading Change in the Maths Domain, wiki, Mackillop Catholic Regional College, viewed 25 October 2010.

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