Leading the Faith Community

Activities examining what it means to be a Faith Leader. Aim is to provide support for leaders in relation to the challenges and responsibilities associated with being a leader in a faith community.



Print out a report of your ratings for the four areas.

  1. Based on these ratings, discuss the implications for your school?
  2. What improvement strategies and actions could be implemented?
  3. Based on these reflections what actions can each person in the group identify for their own development as a leader within a faith community?


Leadership of a Faith Community Bishop Tim Costelloe SDB, Auxiliary Bishop of Melbourne and Chair of the Catholic Education Commission of Victoria in 2009. Presentation at: Induction Day for new school principals, Catholic Education Office Melbourne, March 2009.

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Primary Principals as Faith Leaders  Helga Neidhart and Janeen Lamb, Australian Catholic University. Presentation at: ACU 5th International Conference on Catholic Educational Leadership, Sydney, August 2 – 4, 2010.

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Considering your responses to the discussion and the reading, what is your view of the nature, challenges and implications of being a leader in a faith community?

Source: Archdiocese of Melbourne

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