Dream Teams

Activities and reflections on the composition of an effective leadership team. Aim is to generate debate about dilemmas that arise when different individuals come together to work in teams.



Considering the thoughts in the video and the quotes, what is your position on the make up of leadership teams? How did you come to your decision?

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  1. Jim Collins is a commentator in the business sector. As a result of his research, he would say, ‘Get the right people on the bus, and the wrong people off the bus.’

    Collins J., (2001) Good to Great: Why some companies take the lead and others don’t. Random House. London.
  2. Michael Fullan, a commentator and theorist in the field of education, has a different view regarding recruitment. He states uncategorically, ‘Love your employees’.

    Fullan M., (2008) The Six Secrets of Change: What the best leaders do to help their organisations survive and thrive. Jossey Bass, San Francisco.
  3. The LSF provides a Catholic context for this :

    ‘Catholic schools share a specific, recognisable, Catholic identity that reflects the life, work and teachings of Jesus Christ and the evangelising mission of the Catholic Church.

    The daily interactions among all members of the school community reflect belief in and commitment to the Catholic identity of the school.

    In the daily life of the school, the community is called to live by the central values of faith, hope and love, and is especially aware of those in need.’

    Catholic Education Commission of Victoria. (2005) Leadership in Catholic Schools: development framework and standards of practice. East Melbourne.

Source: Archdiocese of Melbourne

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